A short list of links and resources for creating and deepening cross-cultural communities:

Community Resources

Faith-Based Resources

  • Presbyterian Multicultural Network:  Find great resources here for Cross-Cultural Congregational support and up-to-date info on the Institutes for Multicultural Ministry that take place annually in 4 different regions.
  • Recursos y Relaciones:  Sign-up for Spanish-language and English-language liturgical helps provided by GAMC staff member, Rev. Marissa Galvan Valle.  The weekly e-mail newsletter also provides resources for Hispanic/Latino ministry.
  • Presbyterian Peace Fellowship: Cross-cultural ministries is another manifestation of peace-making in this world.  Check out how the two ministries intersect and build on one another!
  • The Kaleidoscope Institute: An institute for “competent leadership in a diverse, changing world.”  The Executive Director, Eric Law, is the author of many books on the topic of cross-cultural ministry.
  • The National Resource Center for Racial Healing: A great compilation of resources for racial healing and a listing of national organizations dedicated to racial reconciliation.
  • The Thoughtful Christian: Offers several excellent curricula for adults and youth on the topic race and racism in the U.S.

The Cross-Cultural Network receives guidance and support from the Presbyterian Multicultural Network, the national PC(USA) offices of Cross-Cultural Ministries and Multicultural Congregational Support, the Synod of the Northeast, Hudson River Presbytery and member churches.

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